Clandestine Attitudes by Rima, Tunisia.

This is a series of pictures taken from different hidden parts of an Arab girl’s diary. Most women I have known in my country are having two or even three parallel lives so that they can satisfy their family and the society's expectation and then a "clandestino" life where a woman can think about herself … Continue reading Clandestine Attitudes by Rima, Tunisia.

Deserted Landscapes by Sandra, Tunisia.

I really loved this exercise because I enjoy photography so much. Let me begin but guessing what your first reaction would be after seeing these pictures. You are probably going to say: " Well, she didn't take pictures of women, children or taxi drivers..." Indeed, I didn't. I have taken pictures of landscapes, because I want to … Continue reading Deserted Landscapes by Sandra, Tunisia.

Suffering Beauty by Wiem, Tunisia.

What is fair and what is not? Who gets to define that, control it or supervise it? Who gets to install it in this world? We sometimes tend to forget, or more likely, we tend to neglect some of the world’s most generous gifts: nature.  Ain Drahem is a place known for being one of the … Continue reading Suffering Beauty by Wiem, Tunisia.

A Walk in Tunisia by Mohamed Omar Attaaoui, Tunisia

The ancient side of Tunisia  As everyone knows Tunisia is situated in the north of Africa which has made it in constant contact with other civilizations like Arabic, European, Berber and more. Thanks to this diversity, our culture and traditions are a mix of the basics of Arabs and the modernity of Europeans. While having … Continue reading A Walk in Tunisia by Mohamed Omar Attaaoui, Tunisia