God’s Gift by S., Gaza

Once upon a time, I was in Amman, Jordan waiting to receive the permit from the Israeli side to pass into Gaza after completing my Master studies abroad. I spent six days visiting the beautiful city places until I met the incredible girl called Abeer. Abeer is a Palestinian girl from Nablus who resides in … Continue reading God’s Gift by S., Gaza


Brain Drain by Firdaousse Ouknider from Morocco

27,300,000: This is the number of the highly educated foreign born in developed countries in 2010. 16,050,000: This was the number in 2000. A 70% increase in a decade. Intriguing, isn’t it? Almost appalling. The question begs to be asked: Why? Why do so many educated young men and women seek life away from home? Between … Continue reading Brain Drain by Firdaousse Ouknider from Morocco