Agadir’s beach suffers from pollution by Khadija Amahal, Morocco

Agadir is one of the most famous cities in Morocco. People visit it during the whole year because they fall in love with its charm, warm weather, and the generosity of its citizens. Agadir is not only visited by Moroccans but also by foreigners, who admit how much they enjoy their stay in this beautiful … Continue reading Agadir’s beach suffers from pollution by Khadija Amahal, Morocco

A Quest for Freedom by Firas, Tunisia (Photo Essay)

Wouldn’t it be odd, if someday you stepped out of your little corner, out of the mist that’s been invading your existence and just rushed into the world without any precautions or early arrangements? Wouldn’t it surprise you to come across various facts that you’ve been ignoring for so long? How chilling it might be … Continue reading A Quest for Freedom by Firas, Tunisia (Photo Essay)

Deserted Landscapes by Sandra, Tunisia.

I really loved this exercise because I enjoy photography so much. Let me begin but guessing what your first reaction would be after seeing these pictures. You are probably going to say: " Well, she didn't take pictures of women, children or taxi drivers..." Indeed, I didn't. I have taken pictures of landscapes, because I want to … Continue reading Deserted Landscapes by Sandra, Tunisia.

Suffering Beauty by Wiem, Tunisia.

What is fair and what is not? Who gets to define that, control it or supervise it? Who gets to install it in this world? We sometimes tend to forget, or more likely, we tend to neglect some of the world’s most generous gifts: nature.  Ain Drahem is a place known for being one of the … Continue reading Suffering Beauty by Wiem, Tunisia.