Welcome to the Past in the Present by ABDELLAH EL BAKRI [Photo Essay]

MOROCCO — It is through the observation of everyday Moroccan life that is full of cultural diversity, rich in terms of physiological, social and ideological differences that I was able to sharpen my gaze.

When Kids Play with Fire by IBTISSAM CAHBOUNI

MOROCCO — On one Sunday morning, my father left very early to play his sport. My mother left the house too because she was enrolled in a training program. On her way, she used to take my little brother, who was then 9 years old, to a Sunday school. I woke up to my sister’s loud voice asking me what I was cooking and forgot in the oven. I was very shocked because I thought my sister was the one cooking in the kitchen and burnt what she was cooking. The smell was very bad...

My Religion is Humanity by ABDELHAK EL OUARGUI [Photo Essay]

MOROCCO — It does not matter where you are from, it does not matter if you are young or old, black or white or yellow or red, rich or poor, healthy or disabled, it does not matter what your religion is… we are all human beings, we want and we deserve to live in peace and happiness. We have to honor the dignity of each one of us!!

Small acts lead to big changes by Maroi Ech-Charkaouy, Morocco

Today, I decided to take my little siblings to the beach. It is Ramadan so the beach was quite empty; there were only a few kids there, swimming and having fun. My siblings easily made new friends, and they started to hangout and play games together. My little brother approached me and asked if we … Continue reading Small acts lead to big changes by Maroi Ech-Charkaouy, Morocco

“Just ignore it!” by Fatima Zahra El Hafa, Morocco

No matter the situation, I always prefer to confront the problem rather than just ignoring it. An accident I had last year was no exception. I was on my way home after a long and tiresome day at school. It was evening time and the street was busy with people rushing back home to rest. … Continue reading “Just ignore it!” by Fatima Zahra El Hafa, Morocco