What’s in a name? by Hen Gur-Harye, Israel

What's in a name? Well actually, a lot of things. Your culture, your family’s history, your parents’ secrets. You are born with a label that defines you. A few letters bunched together that represent something more complex than just a definition - they represent you, a living, breathing human being. I personally have had a … Continue reading What’s in a name? by Hen Gur-Harye, Israel


An Inner Journey Facing Mortality by Emel Behlouli, Tunisia

It is still hard for me to put what I felt into words. It was the 29th of November, 2010. That day was dull and obscure. No life, no oxygen, and no heartbeats were felt. I was flying from New York to Birmingham, where I lived. I was alone with scattered thoughts. I was away, … Continue reading An Inner Journey Facing Mortality by Emel Behlouli, Tunisia

When Kids Play with Fire by IBTISSAM CAHBOUNI

MOROCCO — On one Sunday morning, my father left very early to play his sport. My mother left the house too because she was enrolled in a training program. On her way, she used to take my little brother, who was then 9 years old, to a Sunday school. I woke up to my sister’s loud voice asking me what I was cooking and forgot in the oven. I was very shocked because I thought my sister was the one cooking in the kitchen and burnt what she was cooking. The smell was very bad...

Sabunkaran Alley by SARYAS SAEED

IRAQ/KURDISTAN — I was born in Sabunkaran Alley, one of the three ancient alleys built in 1784 by King Ibrahim, the Emperor of Baban in Sulaimaniya City. It was the home of the great poet Tawfeq Mahmoud Hamza, also known as Piramerd and, through the years, it has become the heart of the city center...

A Devastating Mishap by Yaara, Gaza

It was the third war in the Gaza Strip when a family lost their dearest pregnant daughter along with her two sons, aged six and four. Samar wasn't an ordinary person that anyone could pass by and easily forget, she was the sunshine to everyone in her life. She wasn't only my cousin, but my … Continue reading A Devastating Mishap by Yaara, Gaza