The lost Moon, ‎A. Gaza/Palestine

The life we live in has two sides, good moments and bad moments, this is life. I remember that day well when I was in 7th grade and was preparing for my homework in order to present it to my teacher; my grandmother was very sick at that time. I was looking after her, she … Continue reading The lost Moon, ‎A. Gaza/Palestine


Little brave heart by Iness Belleili, Algeria

My name is Shahine, I was nine and in fourth grade when I had my first crush, a girl named Zayna; we were classmates and I was secretly admiring her very much. Zayna was a very cute girl with big black eyes and fair skin. She used to be a ballet dancer with excellent marks … Continue reading Little brave heart by Iness Belleili, Algeria

ANXIETY by Ghania Sifodil, Algeria

The first day of middle school, I was sitting alone not knowing anyone in the classroom, feeling bored and sad because I couldn’t start a conversation with strangers, until this girl came out and asked if the spot next to me was empty. I answered with a yes and a smile. I asked about her … Continue reading ANXIETY by Ghania Sifodil, Algeria

Life Story by S. from Gaza, Palestine

In 2012 I traveled to Egypt with my brother and stayed in Moqtam. When I was there I learnt a new principle in life: First of all, I learnt how to deal with people from different backgrounds. For example, I made friendships with Christian girls. I loved all of them, I learnt how I could … Continue reading Life Story by S. from Gaza, Palestine

“We Are Here” by Amit Meyer, Israel.

It’s getting quite late, and the sun has long set behind the Bosporus Bridge. As the metro carries me to Atatürk Airport, it seems quite improbable that only a few hours earlier I had been part of something so big. Inside my head, I run the names and faces of the strong, beautiful individuals I've … Continue reading “We Are Here” by Amit Meyer, Israel.