When Kids Play with Fire by IBTISSAM CAHBOUNI

MOROCCO — On one Sunday morning, my father left very early to play his sport. My mother left the house too because she was enrolled in a training program. On her way, she used to take my little brother, who was then 9 years old, to a Sunday school. I woke up to my sister’s loud voice asking me what I was cooking and forgot in the oven. I was very shocked because I thought my sister was the one cooking in the kitchen and burnt what she was cooking. The smell was very bad...


I Want You to Be a Man by MOHAMED

GAZA, PALESTINE — The power was off while the dark sky was moonless, empty, except of some reconnaissance drones that I thought were bright stars in the dawn. Everything was pretty quiet, and everyone from my family inside one room of our small unpainted house was sleeping and snoring on their mattresses without blankets. The atmosphere was really hot, and I was listening to the radio. That was the last thing I could remember before I slept.

What’s Wrong With My Gender? by Oumaima Fathi, Morocco

When I was a kid, I loved my grandfather’s job. He was a known farmer in the village. I liked the way he planted, how he took care of the farm, and his paramount mission in the family. He was the one in charge of nearly everything, while my grandma and aunts were spending most … Continue reading What’s Wrong With My Gender? by Oumaima Fathi, Morocco