The feeling of guilt by Khadija Amahal, Morocco

When I was a child, I had a dream to go to France. I was simply in love with the country’s culture, food, and architecture, due to my direct contact with family members and friends who lived there. That’s why I was determined to work hard at school, and right after obtaining my baccalaureate degree, … Continue reading The feeling of guilt by Khadija Amahal, Morocco


The ‘Old City’ of Nablus by ASEEL S. SALMAN [Photo Essay]

PALESTINE — The most beautiful place in Nablus is the Old City. Not only does the old city have a great historical legacy, but it has a special taste that cannot be replicated.

Discover Erbil by BAREZ AHMED [Photo Essay]

IRAQ/KURDISTAN — These pictures are of Erbil citadel. Erbil citadel is a famous place for tourists in Iraq. Erbil city  is the capital of Kurdistan. The castle and the citadel are the guardians of centuries of history. 

Dashiki by Khalid Siraj Aldeen, Sudan

Wearing my headphones, I hopped onto public transport. Peaking my head up as soon as I left, I was surprised by the passengers staring at me. It was as if I had committed a grave mistake. Followed by their gaze, I took a step back to review my stance. It had only been few seconds … Continue reading Dashiki by Khalid Siraj Aldeen, Sudan