WARRING KIN by Ifeoluwa, Nigeria

I was eleven years old when I woke to the sound of bullet cartridges pattering on the iron sheet roof of our home. It was 15 years ago.  From that moment everything I had known about this small town, Ile-Ife, where I was born in Nigeria , changed forever. Life as I knew it came … Continue reading WARRING KIN by Ifeoluwa, Nigeria


Beyond the Headlines – The Investigation of the near and far By Ala Oueslati, Tunisia

The war in Syria? Who hasn't heard of the war in Syria? A carnage so painful to witness, yet impossible to ignore. We didn't own a TV to watch what happened in Syria every day. We did however, have something better than TV: WIFI. It is as quick as asking a genie for another wish. … Continue reading Beyond the Headlines – The Investigation of the near and far By Ala Oueslati, Tunisia

I Want You to Be a Man by MOHAMED

GAZA, PALESTINE — The power was off while the dark sky was moonless, empty, except of some reconnaissance drones that I thought were bright stars in the dawn. Everything was pretty quiet, and everyone from my family inside one room of our small unpainted house was sleeping and snoring on their mattresses without blankets. The atmosphere was really hot, and I was listening to the radio. That was the last thing I could remember before I slept.

Hotter than Hell by KESSEM ADIV

ISRAEL — Mid-August 2016. 5AM. I am lying in my bed in my small room in my students' apartment in Be'er Sheva, a big, quite city in southern Israel, in the middle of the desert. The air conditioner in the room is broken. Hot is an understatement...

Remembering Together, By Noa Bar

In this piece there are no intentions to compare the struggles of the two peoples. Both Palestinians and Israelis have had traumatic experiences. Both encompass a tremendous pain, which I do not intend to compare, assess or belittle. Both have youth who carry a very heavy weight on their shoulders, designed by nationalism, history, tradition … Continue reading Remembering Together, By Noa Bar