• Middle East Youth | Ronni, Israel – video –

    Watch Ronni’s video asking people from all over the world what they think the biggest problems in the Middle East are.

  • Five Misconceptions About the Gaza Strip | Bodour, Gaza – video –

    Watch this video by Bodour from Gaza that challenges some of the misconceptions about the Gaza Strip.

  • Equal Rights for All | Warid Albaroudi, Syria – video –

    Watch as Warid from Syria addresses some of the issues regarding youth and gender equality that many people in the Middle East experience.

  • Youth Empowerment | Roberta, Kenya – video –

    This video by Roberta from Kenya talks about how sports can help empower youth.

  • Seeds of Hope | Youness Ben, Morocco – video –

    A short video by Citizen Journalist Youness Ben from Morocco, a graduate of the Aileen Getty school of Citizen Journalism.

  • Chance Meeting | Ali, Yemen – video –

    I’d been staying with my friend the past week. He works for a relief agency that operates in a very remote area. He has 20 high days every 3 months. When he’s in town, we usually paint it red…

    None of us in our apartment can cook. We live on fast food and pre-packaged meals most of the time. Yesterday, we had breakfast at 11. I had my breakfast on a bench outside the restaurant. As soon as started eating, a man with tightly curled hair, which was as worn out and flecked as his cloths, approached and asked me for a cigarette. The question didn’t surprise me. I hear it all the time. It was just a little unexpected. After all, I was in one of the better districts in town, and cigarettes cost almost nothing in Yemen.

    I got him a pack of smokes and some snacks, and we started talking. He told me that he’s a musician, and that he had to sell his guitar-like instrument (oud/عود) a few months ago for less than 10% of its market price. Sometimes during our conversation, it strikes him and he starts singing his full voice. I felt a little awkward at first. But I am glad that, after all he’s been through, his passion for singing is still as vibrant as ever…

    Although the guy is singing in an dialect spoken in Lahj, I am sure most Yemenis can easily understand him. I also think, as is generally the case with music, that it’s not necessary to understand him in order to have “the chills”.

  • Safe Place Project | Abdelrahiem Faisal, Sudan – video –

    Abdalrheem from Sudan made this lovely video for the Aileen Getty School of Citizen Journalism with the help of his friends at the NetHUB-Check it out here:

  • Asma, Sudan – video –

    “An organization refused to let me perform. The main reason, they said, was because I am a woman. I wrote this in response.”

  • Areej, Gaza – video –

    Watch this photo collage titled, “Moments of Hope.”

  • Fade, Syria – video –

    A short video assignment selected for the Special Edition of the November 19th Online Open House of the YaLa Academy’s Aileen Getty School of Citizen Journalism. The Open House was day to celebrate and showcase some of the incredible new media pieces created by youth from Israel, Palestine, Syria and all across the Middle East and Africa. Taking place at the half-way point in the program, we came together for a day of interactive learning and networking and to celebrate the progress made so far. On this day, the first round of student-generated content – blogs, photos and videos – was showcased on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, The Education District and YaLa Press ( This playlist features the videos selected for highlighting during the event, which also served as the world premiere of YaLa’s first mini-documentary: Tel Aviv-Ramallah-Kigali, a life-changing journey of understanding, peacebuilding and youth empowerment:…
    The YaLa Academy’s Aileen Getty School of Citizen Journalism brings together leading journalists and new media experts to train Middle Eastern and Africa youth in basic journalism techniques, photo- and video-journalism and mobile activism. Building off a program launched in 2014 in partnership with the U.S. Institute of Peace, the program is a unique online program focused on new media communication and peace-building. In regions where media is too often a tool for nationalism, division and fear, YaLa citizen journalists are empowered to tell a different kind of story