Break Out of Your Shell by BASHAR

SYRIA — When you moved to a new country with another culture for your first time, you will feel alone. And maybe you spend more time alone, especially if you grew up and spent your first 24-years in a conservative city (Aleppo, Syria)...

The Story of a True Trotskist by ITAI HASID

ISRAEL — The first day of cinema studies, everything is new and my anxiety level is through the roof. Here we are, about 30 people coming from  different backgrounds and ages; from the 20 year old guy from Israel’s most high class city to the almost 40 years lady that dedicated her life to the fight for equal rights between Ashkenazim (People from east and central Europe) and Mizrahim (people from Spain and Africa)...

Photos From Around the MENA Region – photo essay pt.2 –

Last week YaLa Alumni participated in a photo challenge. Participants from all over the region, including from Sudan, Morocco, Palestine, and Israel, submitted photos from their weekend. Many photos included nature and animals, and they are pictured here.

Remembering Together, By Noa Bar

In this piece there are no intentions to compare the struggles of the two peoples. Both Palestinians and Israelis have had traumatic experiences. Both encompass a tremendous pain, which I do not intend to compare, assess or belittle. Both have youth who carry a very heavy weight on their shoulders, designed by nationalism, history, tradition … Continue reading Remembering Together, By Noa Bar

University Life by Imen, Tunisia – photo essay –

In the middle of this small community also called "university," I like to share with you a part of my everyday life, sometimes I even spend almost all the day there. With these strange people whom I meet almost everyday yet I only know a few among this group. These beautiful individuals shown in the pictures … Continue reading University Life by Imen, Tunisia – photo essay –