‘Native’ by Zohar Weiss, Israel

I never imagined that heading out on a sunny Saturday for a day trip in northern Israel would end on the ruins of my friend's village, behind a shabby "Paz" gas station in the middle of nowhere near a small village called Hayogev. It was a sunny autumn weekend when we decided to travel to … Continue reading ‘Native’ by Zohar Weiss, Israel


Kids Creating Peace by Rachel Yardeni, Israel/USA

I walk into a room, and at first sight, everything seemed normal. Nothing seemed out of place. I was observing a group of young teenagers enjoying each other’s company, listening to music, and dancing. As a young Jewish 18-year-old, coming straight from New York City to Israel, this type of hanging out was what I … Continue reading Kids Creating Peace by Rachel Yardeni, Israel/USA

Wooden Blocks by Shany, Israel

"Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth, those who care for and protect our people." ~Nelson Mandela~ Let me take you back to one of my earliest memories as a … Continue reading Wooden Blocks by Shany, Israel

God’s Gift by S., Gaza

Once upon a time, I was in Amman, Jordan waiting to receive the permit from the Israeli side to pass into Gaza after completing my Master studies abroad. I spent six days visiting the beautiful city places until I met the incredible girl called Abeer. Abeer is a Palestinian girl from Nablus who resides in … Continue reading God’s Gift by S., Gaza

Walking through the Holocaust Memorial by Noorjahan Jemaa

My knowledge about the Holocaust mostly comes from my 77 year-old grandmother who talks now and then about what she remembers and what her dad told told her. I read about Holocaust survivors. I also read about concentration camps and prisoners if I I feel I can handle it. Saying these stories are touching would … Continue reading Walking through the Holocaust Memorial by Noorjahan Jemaa