The Teachings of Salaam by YULIA GLICH

ISRAEL — I was 10 years old when my parents took me to a celebration of Israel’s 50th Anniversary. I saw men and women dancing and singing, inviting the audience in a small Russian town to rejoice with them...

Living in the Present as a Good Leader by BAREZ AHMAD

IRAQ/KURDISTAN — I believe that good leaders have many different qualities, but one that unites them all is their wish to create a comfortable, peaceful circumstance for society as a whole by tackling those existing troubles that face a community. In doing so, they avoid planting any negative thoughts in society or the environment...

Peace is Possible by HALA ATASSI [Photo Essay]

SYRIA — “Peace is possible.” That was the title of the community initiative on the day of world peace on November 21, this past year, led by the Junior Chamber International of Hamah City in Syria we participated in this special day. This initiative was sponsored by UNICEF and received media coverage, because of good … Continue reading Peace is Possible by HALA ATASSI [Photo Essay]

Protesting 50 Years of Occupation by Yahel Galili, Israel – photo essay –

To protest 50 years of Israel's ongoing occupation of the West Bank, a large rally was held in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square last night, Saturday May 27th 2017. Left wing politicians, artists and organization leaders got on stage to speak for peace and against the current government's choice not to promote it. They gathered in … Continue reading Protesting 50 Years of Occupation by Yahel Galili, Israel – photo essay –

Photos From Around the MENA Region – photo essay pt.2 –

Last week YaLa Alumni participated in a photo challenge. Participants from all over the region, including from Sudan, Morocco, Palestine, and Israel, submitted photos from their weekend. Many photos included nature and animals, and they are pictured here.